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What our customers think of us

  • I called RK Locksmiths after my property in Liverpool was broken into. They came out within the hour as promised. This was brilliant because it was 3 o'clock in the morning and I was really worried about everything.

    Richard, their Locksmith managed to make everything secure at the house. I would definately recommend them to anyone

    Jon Ainsworth, Kirkby, Liverpool
  • My key had gotten stuck in the lock of my house and i was in a bit of a fix. I needed to go out but couldnt because i couldnt lock my door. I was really worried about the cost because I thought i would have to buy a full new lock. RK Locksmiths came out and were wonderful. They were here literally within half an hour and it only took them about 5 minutes to get the broken key out of the lock. They never even broke the lock either. This saved me a fortune because the other locksmith had quoted me over £100 to fix.

    Thank you everyone at RK Locksmiths

    Jane Austley, Woolton, Liverpool
  • I just had RK Locksmiths out to fix my locks. I had been disappointed by the previous company who had put some new locks in but they had broken again. They wouldn't come back unless I paid another £100. As a result my friend told me to call Richard. I am so glad I did. He came and did everything as promised to fix my lock.

    Barry, Aintree, Liverpol
  • I must have left my keys on the bus when I was on my way home from work, my family were out of the house until the week afterwards, due to them being on holiday. So I had no way of getting access into my home for a full week, obviously I couldn’t live on my door step for the next week. My next door neighbour gave me RK locksmiths’ number and I gave them a quick call letting them know my circumstance. Somebody came round within the hour and cut a new set of keys for me on the spot. I had access to my house again and it was the fraction of the price of a key cutting shop in the city centre.

    Bill Newman – Kirkdale
  • I was in a rush this morning and I forgot to take my keys with me as I left the house, luckily my flat mate was on his way to work so he locked the door after us. When I had finished what I was doing in the city centre I went home. When I arrived home I remembered that I didn't have my keys. The time was around 1PM with my flatmate only getting back at around 11PM, obviously I couldn't just sit outside the front door, so I Google'd Locksmiths in my area and found RK Locksmiths. After a quick call, they came round within half an hour and they gained access to my flat without damaging the locks, which was great because this meant that I didn't need a new set of keys!

  • This might sound awful but, recently my next door neighbour was broken into, so I decided that I should up all the security in my house in a result to this. I gave RK Locksmiths a call after getting their number from a friend, they came round and reviewed the security of my home. They told me what I needed and what wasn’t really that necessary to have. They advised me to purchase dummy cameras instead of proper ones because they will act as a deterrent and will save me money. They also advised me to upgrade the locks on the perimeter of my home to make sure it’s more secure. The review was free too! Which made everything even better!

    Mrs Smith - Aintree
  • I had the late shift at work (4PM – 2AM). This meant I was getting home for around 3AM, after getting home I realised that I had left my keys in work, obviously with work now being closed I had no way of getting into my home to go to bed! I found RK Locksmiths’ number on Google whilst scrolling through on my phone. After a quick call somebody came round within half an hour (at 4 in the morning!), they cut me a new set of keys on the spot and I could finally go to bed! The cost was very low and it was a very quick and professional service.

    Mr Green – Anfield
  • Somebody broke into my house whilst I was away on holiday, after finally coming to terms with it, I decided I needed to get all of my locks repaired/changed. I found RK Locksmiths’ number from one of my friends at work who said they know what they’re doing and they’ll do it in no time at all. After a quick call they sent somebody round to my home. After an hour or two every lock in my house was repaired and a few of them were changed (perimeter locks). Now my home is secure again and I have less to worry about now!

    Miss Ankers - Hunts Cross
  • I woke up one morning and looked out of my window, only to find that my garage door at the back of my back garden was wide open! I knew I had locked it the last time I used it, so I knew instantly that something was wrong. After realising what had been stolen (only alcohol, even though there was valuables there too, but they were still there). I gave RK locksmiths a call, within half an hour they sent somebody round to check on the garage. They advised me what to do to make the garage more secure and they changed the locks and fitted more secure ones that are harder to break.

    Mr Jones – Dingle
  • I got home from uni only to find that I had left my key in my student accommodation. With my parents only arriving home in a few days, I had to get a locksmith out or I’d be sleeping on the doorstep. I was given RK Locksmiths’ number from a neighbour who I got on with. They sent somebody around within half an hour of me hanging up the phone. Then within another half an hour they had left and I was left with a brand new copy of my front door key! All within half an hour of me hanging up the phone! 5/5 would recommend to anybody!

    Mr Graham – Croxteth

Why Choose RK Locksmiths?

Non Destructive Entry...

There a lot of people out there who think they are a locksmith simply because they completed a One Week training course. They then get to your property, break the locks to get you into the house and charge you over the odds for the work they have done and the lock replacement costs as well.

All our Locksmiths will always attempt to get you back into your property without damaging anything. They will used skilled techniques of picking your lock to stop you from being locked out. It’s that simple non-destructive entry means we don’t break the lock. This means the costs are much lower and you can be back inside within no time at all.

Security upgrade services...

RK Locksmiths supply and fit a vast array of additional security devices to give you total peace of mind while you’re at home, away on holiday or work. This service ranges from devices that strengthen weak points or doors and windows both internal and external to stop forced entry.

RK Locksmiths provide devices that allow you to screen visitors before you open the door – taking the worry out of not knowing who’s on the other side.
This service is for you if you want to secure your home and possessions and make it a burglar’s worst nightmare!

We Never do call out Charges...

Many years of providing our Locksmith services across Liverpool and Merseyside has shown us that the only way to service our customers is to be up front and honest. Therefore we believe the price we quote you is the price you pay. There will be no hidden charges and no call out fees.

No VAT Chargable on your bill...

We believe in no hidden charges whatsoever. To keep things simple the bill you see for our locksmith services is the bill you get. There is no VAT to be charged on top of any of our bills.


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Keep it lit, top security tip from RK Locksmiths Liverpool

One thing that will deter those unwanted burglars is by keeping on the security lights. It’s a proven fact that thieves love the privacy of the dark. They love nothing better than breaking in during the night and sneaking out with your valuables. By installing a Security light, you minimise the risk of needing to call out an emergency locksmith. If you do need us though, we are here 24 hours a day to help you change the locks and secure your property.

Keeping track of keys with RK locksmiths Liverpool

One of the most important things you can do is always know where your keys are. Make sure you only get enough copies cut that you need and never forget who has a copy of them. It’s really important that when you choose your locksmith that you know for sure he is reputable. The last thing you want is for them to cut an extra key that could be passed on to somebody. Make sure they have been CRB checked. Ideally ask someone you know if they have heard of them. Check to see if they are part of any trusted organisations like CHAS or BNI. In short, always check their credentials.

Locksmiths Liverpool say make friends with your neighbours

If you’re going out and about or you’re going on holiday, it might be an idea to be on good terms with your neighbours. They are your eyes and ears when you are away and will be the first people that will spot a burglar. You never know they may even stop them in their tracks. What we would suggest is that you give the number of a local locksmith to your neighbour so that if you are away, then someone you trust can be called to secure your property. The last thing you want is for the police to call an expensive 24 hour locksmith and for you to be left with a hefty bill, or worse still, your property left with broken locks or windows. Also make sure you leave a contact number so your neighbour can get in touch.

RK Locksmiths Liverpool recommends blinds or curtains

Get yourself some quality blinds or curtains and make sure all your valuables are out of sight. Don’t let your tv, ipad or mobile phones be an easy steal for these burglars. Simply by keeping them out of sight might just prevent a tempted thief from breaking into your property

Business security solutions with locksmiths Liverpool

Whatever you’re looking for, RK locksmiths can help you out. We are experts in providing 24 hour locksmiths services for any business. Whether you are looking to have the locks changed, or you need all multiple locks improved across multiple sights, we will be able to help.

Home security solutions with your local locksmiths Liverpool based

Across the whole of Liverpool we can provide a full security review of your home. We will be able to check all your locks on any window or door to make sure your property is not an easy target for burglars. If they need to be repaired or replaced we can do it all for you. We use a non-destructive approach to all our work which means that your doors and windows don’t get damaged during the locksmiths work

Record emergency response time at RK locksmiths Liverpool.

If you’re looking for a fast, no nonsense approach then you can be certain that we will deliver. We are always at our appointments on time to ensure that we get you back in to your property as soon as possible. As you know whether it’s the middle of the day or late at night, you really don’t want to hand around to get back in to your property or get it secured. That’s why we are ready and mobile in all parts of Merseyside provide a fast reliable local locksmiths service

RK Locksmiths Liverpool are part of the community.

Richard at RK locksmiths was born and grew up in Liverpool. It doesn’t matter where you live, he is more than happy to come to you to ensure you get back in as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you live in South Liverpool or North Liverpool, we can get to you whatever the time.

Locksmiths Liverpool Keeping You Safe

Whenever we go to a job, one of the first things we will assess is your personal situation. If you are locked out with kids then as we would all agree, it’s really important that you get back in as soon as possible. The last thing you want is the hassle of crying kids and being stuck outside. Most of our customers agree that we are normally their within the hour and gone again with you inside your home safe and sound. Our priority is to make sure all our customers are safe and happy with our locksmith services.

Quick and Professional at RK locksmiths Liverpool

Regardless of who you’re looking for, the one thing we all have in common when choosing a tradesman is that they are quick, reliable and professional at all times. IF the service you require is locksmiths, then we are no different. The way to make sure we are professional is to check our credentials. Have a look on the website to make sure they belong to organisations you can trust. Check out testimonials and recommendations. After all if you are locked out or have just been burgled, the last thing you want is to be met with a rogue trader!

Residential Locksmiths Liverpool.

If you’re looking for a domestic locksmith in Liverpool, make sure they have been fully checked for their credentials. Make sure they are CRB checked. After all, if they are going into your property after a burglar has broken in, the last thing you want to have is someone with a criminal record inside. Once the checks are done, make sure he is reliable and professional and gets you back inside your property before you hand over any cash. Agree a price for work before hand and don’t get caught out by any surprises if the locksmith says it will take longer than he originally thought.

Commercial locksmiths Liverpool

The best way to recognise a quality commercial locksmith is to check for their previous work. Ask or recommendations from their previous customers. Check written testimonials. Call the numbers of these people. After all, if you are going to give a company a contract for work, you want to make sure that they will deliver on time every time. Get a locksmith company in Liverpool that you can trust.

Qualified Locksmiths
NCFE Approved

All our locksmiths are committed to extensive training and are all fully qualified

Fully Insured
Ask us...

We are fully covered with £2 Million Public Liablitiy insurance.

Piece of Mind
CRB checked

We are fully police and crb vetted - for your piece of mind ask for our certificate

BNI Merseyside
LIMA Chapter

RK Locksmiths are members of BNI, the Largest networking group in the world

Fully Qualified

We are Health and safety compliant with up to date certificates

Home Watch

Approved by Maghull and Lydiate Homewatch


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